Who We Are


Allergic II Average

Your greatness discovered, empowered, and challenged.


Who we are.   

We are individuals not satisfied with life at the status quo. Together we stand as history shaking, movement making, action taking,humans. Rewriting the cultural standard and waging war upon the average mind, we acknowledge our greatness within so that we may walk in purpose. Driven by love and engulfed in passion,we live not of chance, but of choice. We are an unstoppable force, with a inevitable impact. We are, Allergic II Average. 

What we do
AllA trains people to think successfully so that they might live successfully. This happens through partnerships with churches, businesses, community organizations, charities and schools across the country that allow us to visit and share practical, effective steps and skills that accelerate an AIIA lifestyle – you walking in your greatness.
 Why we do it.  
    No one likes feeling stuck or fearing that they don't have what it takes to succeed, but every one of us have experienced those moments. AIIA exists to tell you that you have what it takes and that you have incredible strengths within you waiting to be discovered, developed and used to challenge and change the world. We are here to remind you that success is ultimately a mindset and with the right mindset YOU are unstoppable.